Gugurumoi #32

Gone are the times where we could just talk about last nights Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Gugurumoi #15

The 2020 fashion trend that takes you effortlessly from day- to nighttime.

Gugurumoi #14

Gugurumoi will be tuning in tomorrow night, much to his own surprise!

Gugurumoi #13

Just because personal growth isn’t visible, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

Gugurumoi #11

Sunny Side Up, Over Easy, Scrambled or Eggs Bennie… oh, the variety.

Gugurumoi #7

The full story is never in the headline. That’s why Gugurumoi reads the whole article and diversifies his sources.

Gugurumoi #6

It’s a good thing that home has always been Gururumoi’s destination of choice.