Gugurumoi #11

Sunny Side Up, Over Easy, Scrambled or Eggs Bennie… oh, the variety.

Gugurumoi #7

The full story is never in the headline. That’s why Gugurumoi reads the whole article and diversifies his sources.

Gugurumoi #6

It’s a good thing that home has always been Gururumoi’s destination of choice.

Gugurumoi #5

Gugurumoi had such high hopes for 2020. Little did he know…

Gugurumoi #3

When the news doesn’t just drain your soul, but also your battery life.

Gugurumoi #2

How to stay balanced during quarantine? Do what you always do. Indoors, of course.

Gugurumoi #1

The answer to everything is beer. Until you realize it’s not.